Netanyahu in India: Israel, India the new alliances

Israeli Prime minister came to India for a Six day Visit and the Prime Minister of India Narender Modi broke the protocol to receive Netanyahu  in Airport. Is it the new blossoming Friendship of two great powers. As both countries face threat from radical Terrorist groups are these two countries joining hands to fight against Terrorism. Many people think so. As both these countries witnessed many Terrorist attacks before they know the importance to fight against terrorism as count less were lost in both countries. As we all know that Narendra Modi visited Israel last year and he too got the same love from the Prime minister.

Both Israel and India have long sought to counter militant Islamist’s — in Israel’s case, mainly from Gaza and Egypt’s Sinai region and, in India’s case, mainly from Pakistan. Away from the public eye, India and Israel have been cooperating against the threat through, in part, intelligence sharing, officials say. We just have to see how this friendship help the people of the both countries.


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